Episode One: You're the Worst

Our intrepid Heroes, Geoff and Sheena (Sheena and Geoff) put on their Auditory Nostalgia Goggles and take a trip back to the 90's. They speak of Vespas, awkward childhood memories, real-time saxophone impressions, and inaccurate translations of German Metal songs. All the while trying to find their format in the wonderful world of Podcasting. Click the image to listen!

Episode Two: Oh My God, Are You Ghosts?

Sheena and Geoff (Geoff and Sheena) attempt to talk about Horror Movies while simultaneously facing the truer horrors of: Idiotic lingerie marketing, the Green Party approved sequel to "The Fog," spontaneous Robot transformation, and the survivability of our hosts if they made the foray into the world of semi-professional ghost hunting. Spoiler Alert! If we talk about it. We spoil it.

Episode Three: Spoilers for Ouija

Our hosts bask in the afterglow of Thanksgiving overindulgence by reviewing the (thankfully amazing) action film John Wick. En route to the review they accidentally spoil the movie Ouiji (spoilers: It sucks) and speak of unfortunate customer service interactions while Geoff struggles with the feline-based state of his audio equipment.